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Birthday Party

Celebrate your Birthday in a vibrating manner with the Rasikas

Rasikas Restaurant is hub of unique tasty food available for celebrating various events of life. Celebrate your Birthdays with irresistible, tempting food and delicacy. The quality of the food will be the best and very luscious that will sensitize your taste buds. You will be mesmerized with the every bite of the food served by Rasikas. Whether it is the 1st birthday or 75th birthday, our food will assure to bring the best of the occasion with yummy food and humblest service.

We are well known for offering most tempting multi cuisine dishes. Our cooks are well experienced and skillful in preparing the tastiest food that would leave you delighted. The food will not only be amazing in taste, but will look so attractive that you would be tempted to taste it. Our chefs contribute a lot of effort to present it in an innovative way. The service provided by us will be pleasant and outstanding to make the celebration environment comfortable and cozy.

We take care that the needs of the customer be fulfilled without letting with any complaints. We offer a wide range of food with a variety of tastes. North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Tandoori or other tempting cuisine dishes at an attractive price range.

Private Events


Indian occasions are well known for the variety in the food and wedding events are very incomplete without mouthwatering delicacies served. Rasikas catering's will serve the best of Indian and Chinese cuisines to bling up the wedding ceremony with the perfection of food for the guests and the family present in the wedding.

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  • " It was a great experience having Rasikas catering service at our wedding reception. The food served by them was truly amazing and delectable. The presentation style was very attractive, and the service offered by the staff was pleasant. Overall, it was an outstanding experience, having a delicious treat from you and your staff for our big day. "Ramesh
    Ramesh Silks
  • " Rasikas offer a great food quality and service. The food was finger licking good and super tasty. I was so happy after tasting the food at my niece‚Äôs birthday. It was a pleasant experience. The variations provided by them are unremarkable without compromising the taste even with the single dish presented in the party."Shankar
    Ramesh Silks
  • " If you are looking for caterers serving the best of food with notable services, then you should surely check out the Rasikas Catering service. Last week Rasikas arranged the food in one of the business event I attended, I loved the taste and the presentation style of the food to the core. Talk about food quality, taste, service, presentation every particular thing is achieved with utter perfection to make the event an extraordinary celebration. "Ramesh
    IT Business Development Manager
  • " The delectable and mouthwatering food provided by the Rasikas catering service was so much appreciated by each and every guest present in the housewarming party. Great food along with the comforting hospitality service was truly remarkable. The desserts and all the dishes were tasty and finger licking I was truly mesmerized with taste of every dish present in the event. "Satheesh Kumar